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We care about people with special needs.

Safe and reliable lifejackets designed for
people of all ages with reduced mobility.

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Starting with a fresh shopping cart fix most Paypal related problems. If you happen to have a problem with our Paypal shopping page, please remove all the items in your shopping cart and try to add your items again.

If you ever still have a problem, please fill up the online Purchase Form and / or call us, to make the purchase.

What is your return policy ?

There is 10 days try;  we can exchange or refund the life jacket adapted.
Please write RETURN in big letters on the box and return by Post office only to this address:
Life Jacket Adapted Inc.
P.O. Box 41
Saint-Sauveur, QC
Canada, J0R 1R0

What is the difference between the three models ?

PFD-A: horizontal position - for aquatic therapy and/or for people with sudden movements;

Lj-A: vertical position - the person can put the face into water but as soon as he (she) stops moving, the vest bring him (her) at the vertical almost instantly;

Lj-V: vertical position for people with sudden movements. Larger collar, the face can't go into water. Less freedom to swim.

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