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Factory in Quebec, Canada since 1998
30% content from United States

Life Jacket-Adapted Inc. INTERNATIONAL
We care about people with special needs.

Safe and reliable lifejackets designed for
people of all ages with reduced mobility.

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Starting with a fresh shopping cart fix most Paypal related problems. If you happen to have a problem with our Paypal shopping page, please remove all the items in your shopping cart and try to add your items again.

If you ever still have a problem, please fill up the online Purchase Form and / or call us, to make the purchase.

What is your return policy ?

There is 10 days try;  we can exchange or refund the life jacket adapted.
*Make sure to try the life jacket without any suncreen or lotion on. Any trace on the life jacket fabric will void the 10 days tryout.

Please write RETURN in big letters on the box and return by Post office only to this address:
Life Jacket Adapted Inc.
P.O. Box 41
Saint-Sauveur, QC
Canada, J0R 1R0

What is the difference between the three models ?

PFD-A: horizontal position - for aquatic therapy and/or for people with sudden movements;

Lj-A: vertical position - the person can put the face into water but as soon as he (she) stops moving, the vest bring him (her) at the vertical almost instantly;

Lj-V: vertical position for people with sudden movements. Larger collar, the face can't go into water. Less freedom to swim.

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