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Factory in Quebec, Canada since 1998
40% content from United States / 60% from Canada

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We care about people with special needs.

Safe and reliable lifejackets designed for
people of all ages with reduced mobility.

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PFD-A Model demo

The Personal Floatation Device-Adapted PFD-A's maintains the body stretched out in a dorsal position. Used in case of muscle problems and loss of mobility; perfect for physical therapies. It ensure greater stability in cases of neurological disorder, involuntary sudden reflexes, muscular atrophy or epileptic seizure. It greatly increase users' confidence.

Available in sizes
18 to 190 lb (9 to 86 Kg)

collar neck float for disabled people

Life jacket-Adapted Lj-A's allows individuals to swim comfortably on their stomach and to float on upright position or on their back. For limited mobility with Muscular Dystrophy (MD); loss of consciousness It reassures the most apprehensive users and gives them freedom to acquire autonomy. Great capacity to bring the face out of the water almost instantly

Available in sizes
18 to 250 lb (8 to 115 Kg)

LJ-V Model demo

Life Jacket-Vertical's maintains effectively one person on vertical. We call this latest
Lj-V. Satisfy the need of verticality in clients with multiple handicaps. It ensure greater stability in cases of involuntary movement, exaggerated startle reflex, muscle cramps, stiffness, spasm or seizure. Face can't go into water. Great capacity to keep the body to the vertical, instantly.

Available in sizes
30 to 145 lb (14 to 65 Kg)

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